Sep 6

Record Online Radio

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Learn out how to record online radio with Online TVx!

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Apr 15

How to Record Online TV!

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Because of my journeys and travelling tours I have noticed that I have a problem! I cannot watch online or someway online TV during my travelling, in airports, also in some hotels there were not the channels I watch in usual, so I’ve decided at first to find an online solution for this, but my searching made me upset, because there were not good quality services via internet and also free.

The problem was that even in some good hotels 4 or 5 stars were not the channels I watch in usual.

The next step was to find an appropriate software for solving my problem, and at this stage of my searching I found a program Online TVx. After some simple operations I had this program in my PC, and believe all of my problems dissolved!!! Now I have my favorite channels (my home TV) in my handbag, I can watch everywhere everything I want, the only things I need are my laptop, internet access and of course the program itself! Quite easy, but how pretty!

watch live TV

Watch live TV

During my last journey to Italy I had a problem, as I was learning Italian for only 3 weeks, I had some practice before I arrive, and what do you think I’ve done?! I started to watch Italian channels by Online TVx! Here are some of my favorites: my favorite channel Euronews in Italian, as a tango lover an Italian channel TV Tangos, TV Tua (cuisine and almost everything), TV Parma and many other Italian channels. I’m very proud of my pronunciation now!

The feature of recording I found out such way. During the work I couldn’t watch my favorite TV programs, so examining the solution of my problem I found an excellent feature, that was in ordering the exact time of the record to the program! It was so easy and now I’m always aware of my favorite topics!

record live TV

Record live TV

The new version of this original program gives you the ability to watch over 7000 TV and Radio channels in your PC. The developers of the product made the quality of the channels better, besides there are more channels which you can record! Of course, the program has still some problems with quality of few channels, but in general it’s the best soft offer. Besides, the program is now easier to use, there is very user friendly interface, where you can easily find everything you need. You can easily choose the country which channels you’d like to watch, ’cause they’re categorized, also by genres too. Of course, you can create your individual favorite list, which can help you to navigate easily and find exactly the channel you want to watch.

There is also an integrated search panel, which can help you to find out quickly the channel you need, should say that one of the best features of the soft is that you can lock the adult channels, to avoid your children to watch them.

But the main feature I liked the most that you can watch channels online with your friends and SHARE your impressions by integrated chat!

So, there are many other popular and not only channels, for example here is the list I watch very often: MTV, Music Box, CNN, BBC, Bloomberg UK, Euronews, Fox News.

Over 3000 TV and Radio channels I have now in my PC, also I can switch it to my TV!

And these all by a simple program Online TVx!

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